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Challenges and Perks of Being a Sailor’s Wife

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Being married to a sailor is like being in a long-distance relationship for most of your life. I would be lying if I say it’s easy.

When I meet new people, they have several questions; surprised/shocked at how our life functions. I get to hear things like – why did you choose to marry a sailor? It must be so difficult for you and other such questions that make me feel like I am from a different tribe altogether!

It is difficult and there is no denying that, but then no one said life would be easy!!

Way back in 80s n 90s sailors could only communicate through written letters and telegrams. Letters that would take months to reach their destination. When we started our relationship, we were technologically blessed for the ship had internet access, though very limited and that too only on the computers onboard. We exchanged Emails daily, the calls were brief as those were through satellite lines and costed somewhere like 1$ a minute)

Times have changed and we are in a much better place now with Ships having their own Wi-Fi set up. We are now able to talk/ video call multiple times every day. Continue Reading