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Challenges and Perks of Being a Sailor’s Wife

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Being married to a sailor is like being in a long-distance relationship for most of your life. I would be lying if I say it’s easy.

When I meet new people, they have several questions; surprised/shocked at how our life functions. I get to hear things like – why did you choose to marry a sailor? It must be so difficult for you and other such questions that make me feel like I am from a different tribe altogether!

It is difficult and there is no denying that, but then no one said life would be easy!!

Way back in 80s n 90s sailors could only communicate through written letters and telegrams. Letters that would take months to reach their destination. When we started our relationship, we were technologically blessed for the ship had internet access, though very limited and that too only on the computers onboard. We exchanged Emails daily, the calls were brief as those were through satellite lines and costed somewhere like 1$ a minute)

Times have changed and we are in a much better place now with Ships having their own Wi-Fi set up. We are now able to talk/ video call multiple times every day. Continue Reading

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किश्तों में ज़िन्दगी

रात के सन्नाटे में घड़ी की टिक-टिक अक्सर अहसास देती है,

इस खामोशी से अच्छा साथ तुम्हारे खर्राटों का था!!

जाते हुए मुझे उदास देख
अक्सर तुम मुसकुरा के कहते,
ये आशियां तो  तुम्हारा है ही
अब हमारा ये बिस्तर भी पूरा तुम्हारा

पर  जब से  गए हो तुम
पलंग का वो खाली हिस्सा भी तुमको ही ढूंढता है,
मेरी तरह शायद इसको भी है आदत तुम्हारी

काश तुम समझ पाते
हमारे होने से ही है ये आशियां हमारा पूरा
तुम्हारे बिन अधूरा है ये जहाँ मेरा, ये आशियां हमारा

ये खामोश दीवारें भी अब मानतीं है
इस सन्नाटे से अच्छा तुम्हारा फ़िज़ूल बैठना
और उस पर शोर मेरी किट-किट का था

रात के सन्नाटे में घड़ी की टिक-टिक अक्सर अहसास देती है, इस खामोशी से अच्छा साथ तुम्हारे खर्राटों का था!!

तुम्हारे जाते ही शुरू होता है इंतजार तुम्हारे आने का,
आदत हो गयी है अब मुझे भी किश्तो मे जीने की, जिंदगी निभाने की।।

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Hot Red lingerie

In his office bag she found a stunning, new red lingerie though a tad bit large in size; she smiled and kept it back before he saw her prying into his bag.

She imagined herself in that bold, sensual lingerie and thought to herself, finally it was time for them to make love. finally for the first time in 6 months of their marriage they will do what she had been longing to!

She hugged him from behind and he smiled back.

The coming weekend he was off to Goa with his boyfriends and the Hot red lingerie!

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’

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An Interview with Dr. Rolly Wali Sapru – Yoga and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

An Interview with Dr. Rolly Wali Sapru – Yoga and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Rolly and I happened to meet at a women’s networking meet. She had a presentation to give, I was amazed with her energy and clarity of thoughts.

Many of you will already know her, for those who don’t know her, she is a Health consultant, certified Yoga & lamaze instructor and a believer in the power of nature to heal, nurture and grow.

Let’s read on here what Rolly has to share with us about her Life, success, yoga and pregnancy.

NJM: Please tell us about yourself and your family.

Rolly: My name is Rolly Wali Sapru, I originally belong to the valley of Srinagar, Kashmir, now settled in Mumbai. I’m 51 years old, have four people in my immediate family—my husband, two daughters and I.

I am a true believer in the power of nature.

NJM: How did yoga happen to you?
Rolly: Yoga attracted me from childhood, I was very active in sports and back then, seeing on Television & magazines I used to try different yoga poses. I also bought yoga books wherever I found them those days, I would buy Yoga books from the Wheeler book stalls at railway stations, whenever we travelled.

NJM: How does the day begin for Yoga Instructor Rolly?
Rolly: My day begins with a good stretch when I get out of the bed, freshening up followed by sitting in silence for some time, and then it’s time for me to go for my first class which begins at 6 am.

NJM: What lifestyle tips would you give to new moms?
Rolly: find out time to do some stretching and exercise to keep yourself fit and consciously eat healthy food at regular intervals because if you are physically well, you will have strength to take care of your baby, and as the saying goes- “sound mind in sound body”; so you can be mentally strong too to deal with the pressures of new motherhood, which are aplenty.

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Prevention is better than cure – Influenza Awareness

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“Prevention is better than cure – Influenza Awarenes”

Babies grow up fast, soon my  little one will be joining play school. Like all moms, I have my share of fears and anxieties pertaining to the new start; for my baby getting affected by contagious diseases like cold, flu etc.

I recently happened to attend an Influenza Awareness program which put a lot of my doubts and worries at rest. The meet was an eye-opener for all the mothers present there. The session was interactive and informative with experienced doctors like Dr.Mukesh Gupta (Gynecologist/ Obstetrician)  and Dr. Uday Ananth Pai (Pediatrician). Also in the meet was Celebrity Mom Genelia Dsouza and she shared experiences from her motherhood journey as a mom of two.

Influenza and flu are common terms used interchangeably and often confused with common cold.

While both (the common cold and influenza/flu) are viral in nature affecting the respiratory system of our body they are JUST NOT the same.

So, what is Influenza?

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