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7 Low Cost/ No Cost Family Bonding Activities

7 Fun Bonding activities at no Cost

This pandemic has tested everyone’s limits; especially when it comes to engaging the kids. Going out, family outings, movie and shopping is all stalled thanks to this novel Corona Virus.

The kids are getting bored and anxioux; while I am an advocate of free play, we definitely need to have some activities in place in order to keep them occupied for at least some part of the day. 

Sharing here some bonding activities that you do not need to shell out any money for and these are easy and simple without requiring advance planning.

  • Shadow play: Remember those frequent long hours of power-cuts from your childhood? Yes, you know what I mean here, you don’t need to wait for a power cut. Just turn off the lights and play. Create your own stories. Take this game a step forward, make shapes out of cardboard or any thick paper. Use your hands, or any other prop for shadows. You could even make puppets out of old socks. We make broom from chart-papers and we a have a witch-hat, all perfect for room on the broom play. I even went ahead with creating a mini shadow theatre for my son out of a big amazon carton. Don’t forget to share the stories about power-cuts  from your childhood, my son loves it when I talk about my childhood incidents and share those memories.
  • Create a home spa- You could have fun converting a small corner of your house into a home salon or spa. We recently did nail art activity together with pretend play where I was obviously the artist. We often turn the bath times into pedicure times. I pretend to be the beautician and my little one becomes my client. Waiting for the times when we would reverse the roles and I could demand a nice foot massage
  • Pillow Fight: Another one from our childhood, wondering how to let your kid vent out his/her aggression? Simply engage in a pillow fight. Make your own rules, simple or silly. Better still, ask your kids to make the rules and play along.
  • The tickle game: May not be everyone’s favourite, but yes 5 minutes of this laughter therapy are good enough. We recently started playing the “Tickle game” before our afternoon quiet time/nap time. I call it quiet time because my son doesn’t let me nap, not that he remains quiet around that time, it is just that I wish to get some quiet, restful moments before starting evening chores.

  • Camping at home or in your backyard: Camping is fun, just the thought of it is so refreshing and fills your mind with adventurous ideas. But what to do when you can’t camp for real? Camp at home, yes, inside your home or in your backyard!! Make your tent out of chairs, clothes drying stand etc. find a spot in the house that has good sunlight and ventilation and set-up your tent there.  Prepare everything like you would for a day if you were to go camping. You could prepare some of your and your kids favorite dishes.  Keep the whole family off screen for those few hours or that whole day/night. Make sure your tent is big enough for all to snuggle up at night. Keep enough pillows to make it cozy. Get a board-game, prepare some camping songs and you could also do a treasure hunt in your house. At night put some fairy lights and use your flashlight to read bed-time stories, we love doing shadow plays even inside the tent.
  • Hide and seek and Dark Room: We often play these two games. Mostly just my son and me. However these can be fun if there are more family members involved.
  • Family water play: Kids love water and so do some adults. If your bath area is big enough, just get in your swim suits and get that shower on and enjoy some splashing and playing with bubbles or soapy froth. To add to it you could arrange for some disco lights and music.

Did you like these ideas, please share which one you liked the most. If you have tried anything exciting do share it with me, I would love to try those too, after all time spent with your family is worth every second.

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3 Easy 15 minutes Activities for Kids

We are all confined indoors with our kids and I am sure like me you too are running out of activities to do with them. In this and subsequent posts I am going to share easy craft activities for kids, please share what you are doing so that we can try them too.

  1. Miniature Notebook from Scrap paper– you will need  6-8 one side printed A4 sheets, ribbon,  cardboard (optional if using a thin paper for front and back cover) or a handmade paper, glue in case using cardboard, scissors and a punching machine.

  • Cut the A4 Sheets into four equal parts. Cut the outer covers as per the size of the inside pages.
  • Punch equidistant holes on top, tie it with the ribbon, decorate as you please.

  1. Photo Frame Fridge magnet– You will need a cardboard, fancy paper, magnet, glue, felt in contrast colors or you could use dried leaves.

Continue Reading

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My First Children’s Book- “The Teeth Bugs And The Bunny”

The Teeth Bugs And The Bunny is a fun book to have your little ones brush their teeth.

Stories and books have always helped me in several ways. 

Little more than 2 years ago, I weaved a simple story for my son to have him brush his teeth, that story is now a book that many kids adore.

It was such a joyful moment to see my son flipping through the pages of the book in awe, the story he had only been listening to was now in front of his eyes. Continue Reading


Why Rituals are important to raise emotionally strong individuals?

Guest Post by Dr. Priyanka Tibrewal

I have long loved the quote, “Traditions touch us, they connect us and they expand us. There are only two lasting gifts we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.”

In recent years, the whole idea of parenting has had us focused a lot on giving our children strong wings and the freedom to fly. But, just as important it is to give them the wings, so it is to make sure that we help them grow their roots. For it’s the roots that determine who we are, our beliefs and our ethics.

Purposeful rituals and repeated practices that involve members of the family, these rituals are the perfect food for the roots that we base ourselves and our kids on. Rituals can include a morning regime that organises our day to day life; at the same time it may also include a seasonal or holiday ritual that is more symbolic and planned. These repeated, shared experiences contribute to making us who we are. Continue Reading

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How I weaned my 3 year old

It’s over!!

A late post- Late because for many days I wasn’t sure if it was over.

I thought I would give in and like always we’d start all over again; but it didn’t happen. He kept coming back to me, pleading, asking if I was okay and if I could offer him his favourite aadudu( his word for breast/breastmilk)

It broke my heart each time, but I denied because it was getting tough for me to continue our breastfeeding journey, tougher than it was to control myself from starting again, giving in to those yearning eyes.
29th January 2019 was the last day he nursed, Just when he completed 34 months of breastfeeding.

I started conditioning him long back (can’t recall) but it’s been many months. He would talk to aadudu, sing songs and say things like “I’m so happy to see aadudu”, “ye mera aadudu hai”, “I love you aadudu”.

I asked him that soon aadudu will stop as he was growing up and that he must thank aadudu for nurturing him, for making him a strong and big boy from a tiny, feeble baby that he was. He would say “aadudu thank You, aapne mujhe chhotu baby se big boy banaya”. On asking “baby when will you stop having aadudu”? He would promptly reply- “Tomorrow”, a tomorrow that never came! A tomorrow that came months later!
I have a heavy heart as I write this, but I know I did my best.

We ‘ve come a long way and we loved our nursing sessions, despite the occasional bouts of frustrations because sometimes you feel that that’s the only thing you do through the day, sometimes the back does ache from being in a certain position for long.
Weaning needs a lot of strength and determination and that is why it took me so long. I just did not have the heart to do it. With cracked nipples and toddler reaching 3, I realised that it was the best time to do it. 

Sharing my weaning journey and few tips for moms who are nursing older toddlers or older kids.

How I weaned my 34 months old child from breastmilk?

There is nothing that will help as much as talking to your child will. At almost 3 yrs I could easily to talk things out to him, he however had difficulty falling asleep without nursing.

He knew he was a big boy with teeth, a big boy who could chew on to yummy food and didn’t need breastmilk, but somehow wasn’t ready. Finally I resorted to putting band-aid on my sore nipples and told him I was hurt.

This continued for weeks and he stopped asking for it. Some stories, lots of cuddles helped us get through this phase. 

Weaning is easier with spouse and family support. 
Here are a few things you can do to make it easy for you and your child.
Distract- When you know your child is going to ask for it, just distract. For example, it is her naptime and you know she needs it for her naps; distract by reading a story/ singing to her and rock her to sleep. I know of some parents, who would take their child on drives and make him fall  asleep in the car. some took for stroller rides, some carried their kids in the Carrier and made them sleep. 
Once the day feeds have reduced, it is not so difficult to distract them.
Take a break -I know of someone who took a 4 days break and traveled with friends only so that her son could get off the breasts. 
Ask your husband or other family member to help-
Spouse can be the best support. Let him take over the bed time duties till the child has weaned. 
You can start some new bedtime rituals while you are still nursing so that your bub feels normal and the transition is smooth. 
few things to ensure-
See that the change is gradual, to help both -You and the baby. Your breasts should have reduced the supply when you plan to completely stop nursing. You don’t want to end up with plugged painful ducts. If you face engorgement use heating pads to comfort yourself. 
Take it slow and easy.