About Me

I am a mother whose blog says “notjustmommying”, well that’s because I think we do or mean to do a lot more than raising our kids. Whether we succeed or fail in that endeavor, is another story.

When I started blogging few months back I had plans of writing about craft, my travels, poetry etc. but I don’t seem to get over talking about all things mommy!!! Hopefully in days to come you will read more than justmommying stuff.

By profession, I am a hotel-Management graduate with hands-on experience in hospitality and hospitality teaching/training.

I have spent most of my growing up days in various small towns of India and last 12 years in Delhi and Mumbai. There is no one place that I can call mine for I have loved each place that I have lived in.

Writing and crafting are my favorite things to do. I wrote my first poem when I was 7 years old and by the time I stepped into college I had many diaries, notebooks filled with poems, letters, quotations those of mine and collected over the years from place else; then college life happened!! The rat race began and writing took a backseat!

I had never imagined owning a website, writing professionally. This site is a byproduct of my two wonderful friends’ constant bickering and harassing me about me wasting my talent by just-mommying (well, that’s how they thought)! Their “kuchh toh karo, you write well” (again, that’s what they think), “start documenting your journey”, inspired me to take up blogging.

How am I different? How is my journey different? I am a mom just like any other mom, I do not wish to be any different; only want to share my parenting and non-parenting experiences here with you all.

I am a natural mamma who believes in nature’s power to heal and nurture. I am a mamma next-door, a mamma you can approach anytime for help. I am a mamma who does get fatigued and a mamma who does have her meltdowns!

Join this mamma as she welcomes you aboard on her adventurous motherhood expedition @notjustmommying

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