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Life has changed for all of us across the globe, and our children are hit hard too, spending all their time cooped up indoors; anxious, perplexed as many are unaware of how severe this pandemic and this second wave is.                                                               

As parents, it can get overwhelming to dabble into too many things, there are household chores to client deadlines to be met and to top it all the children are seeking attention more than ever.

Have gadgets become the best friends to your child too?

Listing here some interesting ideas to make these summer holidays memorable for you and your children!

Best Summer Activities Ideas

Gardening– A brand new toy does bring instant happiness, but what happens after few hours, or minutes? The toy lies abandoned in one corner. Gardening however is a very calming activity, so get a gardening tool kit, some pots, soil, and seeds and let your children experience the joy of growing their own food.

Make funny, quirky planters out of plastic and tin bottles or cans and let your child use these for gardening. Get them into a routine of taking care of their plants by watering and weeding regularly

Art- Create an art corner for your family, have frequent family art sessions inspired by traditional folk art forms or inspired by famous artists or you could simply be yourself.

Cooking & baking Most children enjoy spending their time in the kitchen, what more if you together prepare their favorite dishes. Some easy-to-cook things are sandwiches, salads, summer coolers. You can also teach your child to roll chapatis/paranthas or prepare laddoos. Cooking offers tactile stimulation, is also very good for fine motor skills and hand and eye co-ördination. There are a number of things children can learn from cooking, they learn about measurements, counting like we are making 5 chapatis or 10 laddoos or 1 loaf of bread, and cooking can even teach about shapes.

Hand-building pottery: Creating things out of nothing is a magical process, requiring hard work, patience, and creativity. Get started with playdough or children’s clay, if you see your child having fun get potters clay. If you have access to potters clay, you can get started with it, else you can order it online. Potters’ clay is also available on amazon. It is an interesting activity for both, kids and adults alike!

Book reading or Storytelling: Reading and storytelling make children imaginative. Do try to spend at least 30 minutes every day reading with your child. Make reading a calming and soothing affair for your child, choose a time after an active phase. Reading after lunch or dinner will be a great time as children are exhausted and there are fewer distractions around that time.

Byju’s Kids Camp ’21

Along with the ideas shared above, do explore Byju’s kids Camp ‘21; a summer camp that will keep them constructively engaged with fun activities, games, and much more. The children have fun and at the same time learn Mathematics, languages and do DIY activities. facilitators at Byju’s Kids Camp ’21 are trained and experts in their respective domains, making sessions fun and interactive with minimum guidance and interference from parents.

Why choose Byju’s Kids Camp?

Summer Camp helps children become confident speakers

Summer Camp improves their communication skills

Keeps them engaged for a longer period

Children learn new things

Children get to see and interact with different people

What makes Byju’s different?

Did you know your child could check Byju’s The Learning App to see and study the portions he missed during his online classes? Download Byju’s The learning app to explore a world full of learning. Also, parents don’t forget to visit Parent Plus on Byju’s app and website. Parent Plus has a plethora of articles on parenting and much more.


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