Tips for Aspiring bloggers & Influencers – My 100th Blogpost

Happy as can be, that’s what I am, after all I am publishing my 100th blogpost!!!

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to write about something that I had wanted to write but was either forgetting or just procrastinating all these months. In this blog I will share a bit about my blogging journey and some tips to fellow bloggers and for those who are just starting out.

Why I started writing here?

As a little kid and a teenager I loved writing and expressing myself through written words, however as I stepped into a professional degree course and then into job my writing only got limited to a few poems a year.

It was finally when my son was a few months old, some friends who saw me sharing motherhood tips, tricks and struggles on facebook asked me to document it on a blog. I liked the idea and decided to take a leap.

I would first like to share about why I like what I do and perks or advantages of being an influencer/ micro-influencer and a blogger.  When I started building my Instagram page 3 years ago, I knew nothing about Instagram ( I was so naïve that I thought Instagram was an advanced photo editing app) forget about  being an influencer and the benefits ensuing, I started on Instagram because I just wanted to be there.

Perks of being an influencer/ micro-influencer and a blogger

  • Writing on social media platforms and connecting with fellow moms across the globe gave me a sense of camaraderie, that when I was cocooned in my house with my infant and had no one to really connect to.
  • My time on social media became my mini sojourns to the outside world without stepping out. Soon I started attending meets and meeting the faces I had only seen on Instagram and Facebook, I was quite delighted.
  • I learnt and I continue to do so from fellow influencers. There are people catering to all your tastes and interests; be it craft, cooking, beauty, gardening and everything under the sun.
  • We influencers come to know about all the latest products and services , especially those for our little ones. The best part is we also get to try those products/services and often if not always get paid for writing about those.
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For me It has been 2.5 years of not so active blogging/influencing, but in these many months I have made a few observations about the good, bad and the ugly of blogging and social media influencing that I find myself in a fair position to talk about it.  Having shared about perks of being on social media, I would talk about irresponsible blogging/influencing and leave the ugly part for some other post.

Since I am on my way to a low waste minimal life here are a few things that hurt me as a blogger .

  • Free products:- Yes, free products don’t hurt anyone, but I have seen many influencers and bloggers mindlessly amassing those. Take it if you need it, its high time we stopped hoarding things just because we are getting them for free. We have no clue what we are doing to the environment!             

“There is enough to quench our needs but never enough for our greed. “ 

  • False reviews and misleading your followers:- Being an influencer comes with a lot of responsibility, recommending a bad product just because you were paid for it or you got it for free can seriously affect your reputation. I have a few times denied reviewing products because I found them bad.  Your audience is there for a reason, don’t disappoint them. There are also times when influencers are asked to share a review without having tried the product.  The brands may do what is easy on pockets for them, however as an influencer the onus to inform our audience about our paid partnerships is important.
  • Unauthenticated and plagiarized content: In creative space most of us have been a victim of plagiarism, and we know how bad it hurts. While plagiarism affects your website score it can also land one in serious trouble as it is an offence, so be careful of your content. It has also become a very common practice for influencers/ bloggers to share unverified or fake news.  Before sharing something it is our responsibility to ensure that the news/image/video is not false/morphed or fake.

I connected with Honey Prisha Lalwani popularly known as Mummasaurus to share some tips with aspiring influencers. Here is what she has to say-

“One of the most crucial things I’ve learnt with experience as an influencer, is that we should plan our posts and pictures. You shouldn’t have to find a picture for the content you have in mind; or have to find suitable write up ideas for a pretty picture.

Plan your topics. Prepare a write-up, and click pictures accordingly. Some extra shots are helpful for sudden shares, but if you want your content to be meaningful, planning helps.

Secondly, if you are looking to upgrade and improve your content strategy, just ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the point of this post, what is the takeaway for the reader?

  • Who will my audience be?

  • What keyword/hashtag should someone search to find my post?

  • Do I use such keywords for my own searches?

This should be quite helpful in assessing your own content and making certain modifications to your strategy. This does sound hard, but nothing great comes from always being in your comfort zone!!

Influencing is not just about dolly pictures and genius information, it has a lot to do with how it’s served to the audience, and that needs mighty amounts of strategy and working in the background. “

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