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3 Easy 15 minutes Activities for Kids

We are all confined indoors with our kids and I am sure like me you too are running out of activities to do with them. In this and subsequent posts I am going to share easy craft activities for kids, please share what you are doing so that we can try them too.

  1. Miniature Notebook from Scrap paper– you will need  6-8 one side printed A4 sheets, ribbon,  cardboard (optional if using a thin paper for front and back cover) or a handmade paper, glue in case using cardboard, scissors and a punching machine.

  • Cut the A4 Sheets into four equal parts. Cut the outer covers as per the size of the inside pages.
  • Punch equidistant holes on top, tie it with the ribbon, decorate as you please.

  1. Photo Frame Fridge magnet– You will need a cardboard, fancy paper, magnet, glue, felt in contrast colors or you could use dried leaves.

  •   Measure a square or rectangle (6”*6” orb 6”*8”) cardboard and cut 2 of it in same size. Measure 1” on all sides and cut a smaller square/rectangle for the frame.  Stick fancy paper on the outer frame.
  • Stick the frame to the base leaving one side from where photo will slide in.
  • Decorate the outer frame with dried leaves or cut flowers and leaves from the felt.
  • Stick the magnet at the back.

  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider – You will need a cardboard , yarn of any color (preferably black), 4 pipe cleaners, 2 googly eyes, glue black elastic
  • Cut cardboard into 4” square piece.
  • Wrap the yarn around the square on one side, cut at both the ends.
  • Make another set of cut yarns
  • Lay one set flat on the surface, put the pipe-cleaners on top.
  • Tie the pipe-cleaners and the yarn at the center using elastic .
  • Tie another set of yarns making a pom-pom or Fuzzy Spider
  • Stick Googly eyes. Your Spider is ready

Hope you found these activities simple and interesting to try with your kids. I will be sharing more activities during this pandemic break.

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