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Three Moms who are Making a Difference


Three Moms who are Making a Difference 

Motherhood changes our outlook on life, here are three moms who changed the course of their life not only for their own children but for all the ones to come in future.

Mansi Modi, Kindermum Cloth diapers

Mansi is a mother of 3 years old Pratham and the founder of Kindermum.⠀

Mansi shares with us her journey from being an Engineer to an Entrepreneur-

I worked in IT MNCs as a software developer for 7 years and while working I developed my love for travel, I started solo traveling and absolutely loved each of my travel experiences. Indian landscapes are diverse and mesmerizing, but sadly, they are being polluted due to a lack of awareness and responsibility.⠀

When Pratham was 3 months old, I was introduced to cloth diapers. It was love at first sight! They had cute prints, were reusable and environment friendly, while also being economical. His skin was quite sensitive for disposable diapers, leading to rashes. Each time I threw a disposable diaper in dustbin, I felt extremely guilty.

While building my Cloth Diaper stash, I realized that there was a dearth of trim fit diapers to go over fancy children’s clothing, and Kindermum Nano AIO was thus born after a lot of research and testing. There was no looking back after that! The name ‘Kindermum’ is a manifestation of celebrating motherhood and the logo is a reflection of mother’s love for her kid, with a subtle consciousness towards environment protection.⠀

What makes kinderMum different from other existing cloth diaper brands?

Kindermum is a premium cloth diaper brand, created after several months of research, designing and beta testing. Kindermum is one of the trimmest cloth diapers available in the market that is priced affordably and most importantly “made in India”, with lovely prints, and with GOTS certified cotton used for the inserts. We also have a robust customer support to help you with all your queries.⠀

Here is Mana Shah sharing about her venture “Green Practices”

I have 2 kids, my son is 20, my daughter is 13, and out of all the things in life my favorite job is that of being a mom, even as a child I dreamt of being a lovely mom.

In 2009 I saw a movie called “an inconvenient truth” on climate change. That movie had a profound impact on me, it changed my life. I was horrified at the future my kids and future generations would face if our generation didn’t act now. I put whatever savings I had and started my company “Green Practices”.

We are into offering sustainable products and services, our products range from ecofriendly Ganesh Idols to organic Holi colors, sustainable tableware, sustainable female hygiene products, biodegradable garbage bags, home composting units, basically we find sustainable alternatives for day to day products. Among our services we offer waste management solutions to schools, societies and corporate buildings.


Anita Goyal, founder  Jaipur library

I am a mom of 4.5 years old and I live in a joint family of 8 people. I was a jewelry designer by profession, since art fascinated me I also sold miniature paintings and other art work. Due to pregnancy and maternity I had to give it up all.

My true learning started after my loving daughter was born, It all started from diapering. My mother in law didn’t want me to use disposable diapers for my daughter, so, I thought there must be some alternative other than our good old langots, I searched internet and found cloth diapers as a sustainable diapering option; this was way back in 2015.

From cloth diapering I got introduced to the world of baby wearing.

These two things fascinated me so much that I started a mom support group naming Jaipur library with a fellow mom in 2017.

The group still operates by the same name and same objective of awareness about baby wearing, cloth diapering and sustainable living with conscious parenting choices.

With all my endeavors I kept changing my lifestyle for good, making sustainable switches wherever possible. Reducing our waste, reusing and upcycling whatever we could, I shifted to cloth pads and menstrual cups and slowly I learnt making bio enzyme and composting at home. While I try to adopt a low waste lifestyle I always ensure to educate every mom around me. With my willingness to share my learnings I have been able connect and influence many Moms in and around Jaipur. 


Sustainable products form a niche market, however with growing awareness people are making changes to their lifestyles and switching to eco-friendly and sustainable options.

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    Thanks Rashmi
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    You are not just mommying , inspiring other mommies as well to not just mommying but do everything else also

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