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Antibiotic Resistance- What is it?

Let us read a small  story by my friend Dr. Sonia Hemnani-

A young boy had a very good family and a number of wonderful people around, whom he did not care for or listen to. Whenever this boy was in need he would trust the random strangers, who he thought were the right people. One day all those strangers started avoiding him due to recurrent calling, which led to more frustration. Ultimately the boy broke down.

Moral of story – Trust what you have within you and around you.

Here the young boy is “you”; his friends are the ecofriendly bacteria which are already present in our body, the vital force, the calm mind, and the natural sources of building immunity, organic real food, required food and thought.

The strangers are the medicines who would help him temporarily, would take there help without proper medical guidance and would just not work. One day due to abuse or over use of medicines, his body gave up- Antibiotic Resistance! & nothing worked for him.  One should believe the human power and their body by knowing that they already possess immense strength to fight against numerous diseases.

Give your body a chance to heal itself, take the best possible natural treatments.

In Homeopathy we call it as indisposition; Indisposition is a category of illness due to some exciting cause. These are not real diseases, but slight alteration of the health. These are rather disturbed states or body’s way of recovering or fighting an illness.

For example, you eat over spicy fatty food or some junk and get loose motions, your body is naturally clearing it, we do not need to stop it immediately as body is self-cleansing.

When we take medicine to stop seasonal cold generally it turns into bad cough, its seasonal and will pass away. Office, school will always be there, why rush your body always like the Mumbai local train.

Try to understand that antibiotics should be taken when self-healing is not occurring and of course for major illnesses but only when the doctors prescribe.

Work on your mind, on your immunity, get connected to earth, go natural, Meditate not Medicate and get a life.

Antibiotics are consumed to control the growth of bacteria that cause various infections and illnesses in the human body. Sometimes these bacteria continue to grow despite the antibiotic consumption, this is referred to as “antibiotic resistance”. The more these harmful bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, the more they tend to resist the same.

Just like humans, nature gives all its creations equal chances to fight. Humans evolved over a span of millions of years and so did other microscopic organisms. Bacteria and various other microorganisms were there on this planet even before humans came into being, so, bacteria is better adept to evolving to the conditions around them. While getting resistant to antibiotics, the organisms like us humans are only responding and fighting for survival.

The misuse of antibiotics both by the patients and the doctors

There are instances where antibiotics are prescribed rampantly; for example, Cold and cough, infections are majorly caused by viruses yet antibiotics are used as prime lines of treatment.

Patients often resort to self-prescription or taking antibiotics on Pharmacist’s prescription.

What can we do about the whole thing?

– The antibiotic dose is prescribed by the Doctor according to the disease and patient’s body mass, hence patient’s should not self-adjusted and self-prescribe the medicines. It is also important to complete the entire course and not stop it midway to avoid developing resistance.

– There should be no indication of using antibiotics for viral infections including cough and cold, unless the doctor has prescribed it for a bacterial infection. As a patient you have the right to know your medicine and talk about it with your doctor.

– It is better to immunize using vaccine against preventable diseases

– Food should be cooked properly as heat kills a lot of bacteria. This is especially important for non-vegetarians as it is reported that poultry owners feed antibiotics to animals.

references- from TOI/ TheGuardian articles and based on inputs from accomplished doctors
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