Diwali Activities for Kids

The best time of the year is here, the air is filled with joy and fragrance of approaching winter. Markets are glittering and homes shining.

Diwali will soon be here and so will the  kids be home for Diwali break, while we are busy preparing for the festivities, keeping kids engaged and taking it as an opportunity to teach them about the festival is important.

festivals are best enjoyed in childhood and hence it is always a nice time to talk about them when they approach.
Festivals in childhood mean all the demands being met, favourite dishes prepared, new clothes, gifts, crackers and what not!! I want to become a child again to enjoy every bit of Diwali, when cleaning wouldn’t be a task on the list and helping mumma a privilege; without the burden of cooking and yet abundant feasting, when festivals would only mean receiving gifts.
Festivals for kids are times when they can have their cake and eat it too!  Here is a list of activities you can do with your child.


1. Diya making- last year we used potters’  clay for making Ganpati idol before Ganesh Chaturthi. Some clay was left so I thought of making Diyaa (earthen lamps). A simple yet engaging exercise and extremely good for tactile stimulation.

2. Lamps n bunting- Another simple activity that we did with some waste paper. Your kid may be too small to cut perfect shapes, but they will love the handmade lamps and even more when you put them up for decoration.

3. Cards for friends- Festivals are the best times to bring back good old rituals, making cards and giving them to family and friends can be a very joyful activity for our little ones.
4. Diwali songs – create a few Diwali songs, sing them along with your child while you do Diwali activities.
Here is a short song that I made, we have several such songs.
Birds are singing, flowers blooming
there is magic in the air,
Lots of cleaning, people shopping
Mom says “Diwali is near.”
Sweets in making
Lamps are shining,
sparkling beautiful home
Mom says “Diwali has come”
6. Sweet making- Most kids love spending time in the kitchen. If you have a fussy eater, the best thing is to get them involved in cooking.
Sweet making is an important part of all the festivals. Get your little helper in the kitchen, let them learn and have fun while you get some work done.
Some easy things that you can make are – Kaju barfi, besan laddu and gajar ka halwa.
7. Rangoli making-  Rangoli has been one of my favourite diwali activities since I remember celebrating Diwali! now I see my son equally excited about it. I now believe that all kids have some sort of fascination for colors and hence Rangoli attracts them all. Make simple patterns and involve them too.
8 . Reading books- This can be done 10-20 days before the festivals, trust me you may not have time to do book reading when Diwali is around.

9. Laxmi footprints art or footprints on the floor- In  Uttarakhand we make laxmi footprints by hands using rice flour paste, it is a simple activity and im sure will be fun for kids.

10. Making cotton wicks (baati for diya)- This is a good fine motor activity and is also pretty therapeutic, also you get to use these through all diwali days and later.
Along with other activities do not forget to involve your kids in the decluttering and you may use that as an opportunity to talk about environment and how we must reduce our consumption and shop mindfully.

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