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Baby Skin Science – Why You Need To Use Face Cream On Your Baby

Face creams for babies? Admit it, it’s something you may have not heard of, neither did I, to be honest! It never struck my mind to use a special cream on my son’s face. I always figured the moisturizer I used on his body would do the job.

I mean, you just have to keep the skin hydrated right? Turns out, I couldn’t be more wrong! Just like us grown-ups, even a baby’s facial skin is more delicate as compared to that on the rest of the body. And hence, requires some extra gentle care. That’s why using a baby face cream is really crucial if you want to maintain the softness of those chubby cheeks. And also keep baby acne away!

However, buying the right baby face cream isn’t that easy. Upon my research for the perfect one, I found out that it’s not just the ingredients that matter but also the pH level of the cream. In fact, the pH level is very important as if that’s wrong, the cream won’t even be able to do its job!

Let me explain why the pH level of a face cream is key-

The pH (potential of Hydrogen) level of skin is a measure used to determine its acidity or alkalinity (1). A scale of 0 to 14 is used with 7 being the neutral pH, below 7 being acidic and higher than 7 being alkaline. The ideal skin pH level is 5.5. I found out that when a baby is born, its skin takes up to a few weeks to months to achieve this level.

At this rate, using a neutral pH level baby cream might seem perfect but it’s not. Since the ideal pH level of skin is a slightly acidic 5.5, baby care products including face cream should match that pH level. Products that have the 5.5 pH level enhance the protective barrier or acid mantle of the skin, help in skin renewal and make it soft, smooth and glowing (2). On the contrary, products with a pH value higher than 5.5 can damage a baby’s delicate skin. Especially if it’s sensitive, like my son’s!

So I knew now what I had to do to keep my son’s facial skin in good health was to find a cream with a pH level of 5.5! Unfortunately, there are not many face creams in the market with that pH level and I found just one – the Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream.

My experience with the Baby Sebamed Face Cream

Sebamed is a dermatologist developed German skincare brand that is known for its high-quality products. I’ve been using their Baby Face Cream on my son for about 3 weeks now and so far, I like it. The cream’s pH level is just right and has proven to be suitable for my boy’s sensitive and baby acne-prone skin in my experience.

In fact, regular use of this face cream has made my little tyke’s skin much smoother and softer than it used to be when I was using a regular moisturizer. The cream has a light consistency with a very mild and pleasing fragrance. I’ve only had to use about a pea-sized amount on my baby’s face as it blends in quite easily without the need of using more cream. That’s good in my opinion as the cream is slightly expensive – a 50ml bottle costs INR 850!

So far while using this cream on my boy, I’ve not only noticed increased hydration but lesser occurrences of rashes on the mouth due to saliva.

I’m quite happy using it and would recommend it to all you mommies out there. Trust me, a baby face cream is important and the Sebamed one is a great buy!

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  • Jhilmil

    April 16, 2019

    Having the right pH level is very important for parameter in choosing baby products. Sebamed has some great range for babies.

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