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Staying Safe When Out With Your Kids

Some weeks ago I took my son to one of the famous malls in Navi Mumbai. We had food as both he and I were extremely hungry and it was already close to lunch time. I then took him to the washroom, I spotted 2 guys who were staring at us, finding it suspicious, I instantly knew something wasn’t right about the way they looked at us, but unperturbed we went to the washroom, did our jobs and came back, only to find them waiting for us. it was then I started getting disturbed.

we were out on an impromptu mom-son outing, something we’ve  often done before, this for me was an unimaginable thing to happen in a city like Mumbai. I have been quite independent all my life , moving around the cities alone and have also travelled alone with my son. Though there have been stalking instances but never with my son along, and so, I got even more alarmed and worried about our safety.

Pretending to shop I entered one of the stores and soon one of the two guys came after me, I thought I would go to another floor and see if they still came behind, oneoof the guys did. ItIt was now good 20-25 minutes and I had to put an end to it! I entered the lift ( knowing there was a lift man) and the guy still followed. In a stern voice I asked the lift man where the Security Head was and that I had a concern to share. The guy got down the lift soon after he heard me. I met the security head, informed him about the incident and left the mall (not because of those guys, but because I had to go somewhere else)

The point here is that we are not safe, not as kids, not as young girls and not as mommies , in fact being with our kids all by ourselves makes us even more susceptible a prey to such perverts.

I used to think Mumbai was safest of all the places I had been to, but I think it isn’t anymore.

What should we do??

Hide in our apartments or remain confined to our own safe building premises?
Of course Not!

Here are a few things that we can do to stay safe when out alone with our kid/s.

1. Avoid carrying too much stuff, as it can be a distraction for you.

2. Stay alert all through

3. carry a pepper spray or something that you can instanly use as self defense

4. have your phones fully charged and do not get too engaged on the phone, limit the use only for important calls.

5. keep your family informed about your whereabouts

6. Teach kids about safe/unsafe touch

7. Tell the kids to stay close to mumma always.

8. When you find something suspicious, run a plan in mind and dont take too long to raise an alarm.

9. Do not travel to secluded places, do your homework about the place that you are going to with your child.

Please share your views on how we can stay safe whem out alone with our kids.

Mumbai please do not become another Delhi!!!
hoping this to be just one odd instance for us, hoping no such incidents happen to anyone.

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  • Harvindar K Grewal

    April 24, 2019

    Great sharing with us , good to have those things with us (above mentioned) to keep ourself safe.

  • Sharon Jain

    February 10, 2020

    Sad to hear this. I have been in Mumbai since my childhood I always liked this city. Though I heard bad incidents happening in the city in the mall I have never seen such things.

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