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Cloth Diapering- 5 most frequently asked questions

5 most frequently asked questions about Cloth Diapering 

I have written a few more posts on Cloth diapering, covering topics like diaper types, maintaining, washing and storing cloth diapers and on night time diapering.

I am often asked questions by expecting moms and new moms about cloth diapers, here are some of those.

1.What are cloth diapers?

Most of the modern Cloth diapers ( MCDs) will usually come with 3 parts- an outer layer which is waterproof and thus prevents clothes from getting wet, an inner stay dry layer which prevents the baby from feeling wet and a middle absorbant layer, which absorbs and holds the pee. The snaps of One Size (OS) diapers can be adjusted as your baby grows.

There are different types that you can check here in my previous post.

2. How soon can I start cloth diapering my baby?

Traditionally most babies were clothdiapered (langots)since their birth, till they were potty trained. Our mothers and their mothers have done it and so can we. There are new born Modern Cloth diapers. There are many OS Cloth diapers that can also be sized for new born babies.

3. How many diapers will I need to start with?
How long can a CD last?

If just beginning, one must try with 2 pocket diapers, 2 covers, 6 inserts of different variety and 1 AIO.

4. How does one wash them?

Washing cloth diapers is simple and mostly about common sense. The poop diapers are cleaned immediately by knocking off the poop and rinsing with water. Other soiled diapers can be just rinsed with cold water. Try laundering your diapers at least on every alternate day. I wash them in machine and would suggest machine wash, during initial few months of CDing I handwashed the diapers and it ruined some of them. For more about washing pls check this post.

5. What are the brands that you would suggest?

There are many good Indian as well as International brands available in India. I have tried many different brands. My favourite Indian brand for pocket diapers is Bumberry, they are soon launching their range of AIOs and other Cloth diapering accessories too.


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    Vasantha Vivek

    September 27, 2018

    Cloth diapers are a gift for new generation moms. They are healthy and eco-friendly too. Most of the queries about CD were answered well.

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      September 27, 2018

      thank you Vasantha for stopping by..

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    September 28, 2018

    I’m sure this will help new moms who want to cloth diaper. There is so much information out there, it can get quite overwhelming so I’m glad you’ve kept it crisp and answered all the basic FAQs a new mom would have.

    • Reply


      October 2, 2018

      Thanks Mahak, I have worked on an exhaustive FAQ List that I will be publishing soon.

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