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An Interview with Dr. Rolly Wali Sapru – Yoga and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

An Interview with Dr. Rolly Wali Sapru – Yoga and Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Rolly and I happened to meet at a women’s networking meet. She had a presentation to give, I was amazed with her energy and clarity of thoughts.

Many of you will already know her, for those who don’t know her, she is a Health consultant, certified Yoga & lamaze instructor and a believer in the power of nature to heal, nurture and grow.

Let’s read on here what Rolly has to share with us about her Life, success, yoga and pregnancy.

NJM: Please tell us about yourself and your family.

Rolly: My name is Rolly Wali Sapru, I originally belong to the valley of Srinagar, Kashmir, now settled in Mumbai. I’m 51 years old, have four people in my immediate family—my husband, two daughters and I.

I am a true believer in the power of nature.

NJM: How did yoga happen to you?
Rolly: Yoga attracted me from childhood, I was very active in sports and back then, seeing on Television & magazines I used to try different yoga poses. I also bought yoga books wherever I found them those days, I would buy Yoga books from the Wheeler book stalls at railway stations, whenever we travelled.

NJM: How does the day begin for Yoga Instructor Rolly?
Rolly: My day begins with a good stretch when I get out of the bed, freshening up followed by sitting in silence for some time, and then it’s time for me to go for my first class which begins at 6 am.

NJM: What lifestyle tips would you give to new moms?
Rolly: find out time to do some stretching and exercise to keep yourself fit and consciously eat healthy food at regular intervals because if you are physically well, you will have strength to take care of your baby, and as the saying goes- “sound mind in sound body”; so you can be mentally strong too to deal with the pressures of new motherhood, which are aplenty.

NJM: What do you think you would be doing if not this?
Rolly: If I would not be teaching Yoga, I would definitely be doing Yoga with whatever else I’d be doing in life.

NJM: Who has been your inspiration for yoga?
Rolly: Every Yoga book that I have gone through, every photograph, performance of yoga poses and every pose I did has been my inspiration to do a little more.

NJM: What do you attribute your success to?
Rolly: “Yoga karmasu Kaushalam”- Yoga is dexterity in Action- this phrase that I learnt in my Yoga course at Kaivalyadham stuck to me. It has been a Journey wherein my attempt every single day has been to work towards giving a new experience, feel a sense of achievement and variety in every session with my students in Prenatal Program, to attend to their smallest of concerns, during and outside of class.
I feel a very strong connect to the pregnant women and become an integral part of their precious journey, due to my valid and authentic knowledge of Yoga, Childbirth Education and Nutrition. I am available for my prenatal students queries at all times.

NJM: How do you manage both home and your work?
Rolly: “Samatvam yoga uchayete”- by grace of God there is a balance, and full support from my husband and daughters. There is lots of mutual respect for each other’s work, so I think it’s because of their support there is peace at home and hence pleasure at work.

NJM: How are you so systematic in everything that you do?
Rolly: Today also I am working towards being systematic and organised.
Being Organised in mind helps one to be organised in life- I everyday write a “To-do” List and try to tick off as many as I can( secret- many times, there are more than I can do in a day, but writing it down, keeps it alive), but honestly there are times I can’t catch up and I let it be, to slow down and then again accelerate.

“A stitch in time saves nine”, this phrase has somehow got embedded in my personality. In fact, I have done many Corporate Workshops as this motto of mine as a theme.

NJM: I have had an opportunity to practice prenatal yoga under you, I must say that It is rare to find such professionalism and ease both at the same time, you are a friend and a strict guide together, how do you maintain that?
Rolly: I play the role of an earthen pot maker – kumhar, in the journey of the pregnant couples. As he uses both the hands to support and shape similarly I try to give sound knowledge from a firm ground and a gentle motherly support which they need.

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NJM: You are a prenatal yoga and Lamaze educator, please share with us at least one of the most memorable child birth experiences from your journey so far.
Rolly: The very first birth I witnessed as a part of my internship is very vivid in my memory even today. The marvel of life coming out and the first cry, can never be forgotten.
– I was supporting a Labouring mom at Hiranandani Hospital, and I got an opportunity to witness vaginal birth of a baby, who had all so-called odds against her for vaginal birth- had 2 loops of cord around her neck, was posterior and mother was of advanced maternal age who previously wanted to go for elective C-sec. The delivery was done by Dr Anita Soni, and all the myths relating to childbirth were shattered by Dr Anita that day!

NJM: One final question, what would be that one piece of advice for an expectant mom from you, I know they are already loaded with dos and don’ts; but who wouldn’t want an expert advice?
Rolly: Trust your bodies, women’s bodies are made to go through childbirth, women have been doing it from all times so be convinced. Give gratitude to the universe for giving you an opportunity to be a part of creation, gratitude to our bodies for supporting the growing baby within, and gratitude to baby for having chosen you as a parent, have an attitude of Acceptance throughout your pregnancy, this will help you welcome the new life with joy despite all the postpartum struggles.

NJM: Thank you Rolly for taking out time for notjustmommying readers!

Rolly’s classes are a boon to all those who can manage to attend these classes. You can also join her classes (prenatal lectures for couples) online.

Expecting a baby, or trying to get back to your pre-pregnancy body- Reach out to her on her Facebook page 

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