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5 Breastfeeding Myths Busted

Pregnancy and motherhood open a gateway to the Myth-world! There is too much of information that is dumped on these new moms, most of which is nothing but myth.

Motherhood would be so much better and lesser of a worry if we didn’t have people burdening us with their belief system or with anecdotal advices.

I have been an exclusively breastfeeding mom for the first 6months of my child’s birth and I am still nursing him at 28months. This post is to bust a few of the myths that most new moms are confronted with.

Read on and do share this article with expecting and new moms.

1. Breastfeeding while lying down will cause ear infection-  No, breastfeeding does not cause ear infection. Not even when baby is fed lying down. I fed my baby lying down from day 1. It was my own mother’s advice, so that I could get some rest.

The baby is lying down even if the mother sits and nurses, how does mother’s position make any difference here? Funny isn’t it? Many new moms give in to this and many other myths without even giving a second thought.

Though this may hold true for formula feeding through bottle. When a baby feeds through a bottle lying down, there are chances of milk getting into the Eustachian tubes and middle ear that can cause an infection.
However, breastmilk restricts forming of bacteria ( so no chance of infection) and while a baby nurses through breasts, the milk does not pool in the mouth like when it does while drinking from a bottle.

Lying down is our favourite nursing position. I am nursing my toddler (lying down) as I write this post. Although in case of new born babies extra care should be taken while you feed lying down.

2  If a nursing mother eats curd, the baby gets cold – Yes, this is a myth. Curd is a healthy food that contains  live cultures helping lactose digestion. It is rich in protein, curd or anything for that matter will not pass on the cold to your baby.

Matter-of-factly, Cold is a viral infection, the food that you consume cannot give them a cold.

3. Baby’s lips will become dark if you don’t wash his/her mouth after every feed- Okay, so this is one myth that I was told by my son’s maalishwaali auntie. In fact it gets funnier. My son was born with pink baby lips which soon within 2 weeks turned black like those of heavy smokers. The maalishwaali auntie asked me to wipe his lips after every feed with a red/pink handkerchief for him to get back his baby lips (red or pink). That was a face palm moment for me. Did I do that- of course NOT.

The baby’s lips do not need any washing; Similarly our breasts or nipples too do not need any extra washing, wiping or cleansing apart from our regular bath time cleaning. The breast milk has properties that inhibit bacteria formation and so nipples remain disinfected.

4. Extended breastfeeding and night feeding could cause tooth decay- Many doctors and dentists will also tell you this; however, this isn’t true. Nursing toddlers do get caries just as non-Nursing kids do. The relationship of tooth decay and nursing has not been established as the sucking and swallowing does not let the milk pool into the mouth. Also the breastmilk does not even pass through the teeth, the nipples go behind the teeth.
It is important that you establish a good brushtime routine once your baby gets the teeth. I had a hard time to get my little one brush his teeth, here is what worked for me –brushtime fun story 

5. If you followed this last myth you would be thirsty all through your postpartum days, if the sleepless nights, erratic baby schedule, pee- poopxplosions aren’t enough; new moms are tortured with food and other restrictions with a long list of do’s and dont’s.

They say -Do not drink too much water as drinking water makes watery milk. This is again a myth, drinking  water will do nothing except quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.


If you are a new mom trying to get some sense in the old wives’ tales, don’t follow those blindly, do what your mother instinct says.

Came across funnier myths? Do care to share here so that we can all laugh together!


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