8 points to consider while planning your first baby/toddler photoshoot

These are the times when memories may fade but pictures won’t, rather pictures help us reminisce those beautiful moments.

It is all perfect till the time we have our pre- wedding or maternity shoot, because all we need for these shoots is a good location, a good photographer and a few change of clothes.

The moment your little one enters the photo scene, dynamics change altogether.

Here I share with you 8 points that you should consider while planning your first baby/toddler photoshoot.

1. Place: Out door shoots generally work the best, but you must ensure that the baby is familiar with the setting and the place.

2. Props: Talk to your photographer about props. Generally he/she will carry enough of those, but if there is something that your child loves, a toy or just about anything you think could make a good prop, do carry it. It will not only comfort your child, but will also create a picture to talk about years later.

3. Time: Mornings and afternoons (not too hot or humid) provide the best lighting. Decide the timing according to your baby’s schedule, make it around the time he/she is most playful.

4. Clothes: Make sure that the clothes have been tried before and the child is comfortable in those. Don’t try brand new stuff as the baby may feel uneasy trying for the first time.

5. People: Talk to your partner and the photographer and decide who all will be a part of the shoot and if extended family members can attend. My advice will be to have fewer members around as the baby/child will get overwhelmed in the presence of too many people and it could pose distraction too.

6. Instructions: Let the child be; we are best when we are on our own. Do not give too many instructions to the child. Let the photographer take the lead and let the child be himself.

7. Patience: I am sure by now, as parents you know the importance of this virtue. Well for photo shoots stock enough of it for your own sanity.

8. At last ensure that the baby is fed well and has had his share of good sleep, try getting him to the schedule from a few days prior to the shoot day… and and and… don’t worry or stress out if you have a grumpy baby throughout the shoot, I am sure your photographer will manage a few decent shots.

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    Amitoj Kaur

    June 25, 2018

    Agree with all the points… Having fewer and known people around would be best..

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    June 25, 2018

    This is so informative. Wish I had read something like this when we planned his first shoot. Though I ensured he us slept and fed well

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