Tips for a perfect and smooth photoshoot with your newborn

Pictures have always played a very important role in my life, I have albums full of my boarding school and college hostel memories from the times much before the advent of DSLRs or mobile phone cameras, I am writing about newborn photography not because I had a perfect shoot with my new born; neither was it a disaster; I am writing this because I altogether missed doing a newborn shoot for my baby.Honestly, I was exhausted  and could not think of sparing 4-5 hours for a shoot; but now when I look back I only regret. As I write this I feel like having one more baby only so that I can do a newborn shoot for him/her, so strong is my regret!

Well they grow up too fast and camera is the only tool to have these growing up moments frozen in squares and rectangles!

Here I have some tips for helping you plan your newborn shoot the perfect way-

1. Choose the photographer wisely- New borns are tiny people susceptible to infections and illnesses; it is therefore important to choose a reliable photographer who would have sanitised all the props and equipments.

2. Decide what kind of photos you want- New born photography is categorised into candid lifestyle and Posed shoot. The posed shoots are mostly done within 14-16 days of birth, mainly because the baby sleeps majority of the times and is wary of things happening around. During these first 2 weeks of birth It is easier for the photographer to use props, swaddle and mold the baby.  The candid lifestyle type shoot can be done anytime within first 2 months of birth. The lifestyle newborn shoot captures the baby in variety of moods and also captures the bond in the family.

If you are confused, you could choose a combination of both.

3. The new born shoots may take 4-6 hours; babies don’t come with a manual, they may want to nurse or cry for a diaper change just when your photographer has set up everything for the shoot. Bottomline is ” stay calm” and do not fret over things taking long.

Try nursing just before the shoot is scheduled, keep yourself and the baby full.

4. If the shoot is happening at your home, make some room for equipments that photographer will bring along. Have the photographer visit your home a few days prior to the scheduled shoot.

Free the space of any clutter.

5. If the shoot is happening at a studio, ensure that it isn’t far off. Prepare your bag a day before and do not leave anything for the last moment.

Pictures are precious and so are the moments that create them, hope you have a memorable shoot.

Do let me know if I missed any points!


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    Olivia Ava

    June 13, 2018

    I love this tips… I am ready

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    Amitoj Kaur

    June 25, 2018

    Superb tips… Even I regret missing the newborn photo shoot for my son.. Hoping for next time..

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