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Bugs And The Bunny- Brushing Time Story

I love how motherhood gets the best out of us.  It brings out so many talents that we never knew existed within us.

With the birth of my little one, I have become a clown, a writer, a better and more innovative cook, a not so great photographer and yes, a storyteller.

I have suddenly developed this talent of weaving quick yet interesting stories, I love the magic spell they cast on my toddler and how he looks at me with his mouth agape.

Trying to get your toddler to brushing his teeth? Tired of all the coaxing, running and failing yet again?

Well, I may not have a jaadu ki chhadi  (magic wand), but I do have this little story that gets my tiny monster to brush his teeth, though not always.

Here it goes..

The cute little bunny had beautiful, bright, white teeth. His mumma loved him and made him awesome treats. Sometimes cupcakes and ice creams and other days he had radish and yummy carrots to eat.

The mommy rabbit asked little bunny to brush his beautiful white teeth. ( just like mumma asks little A, you can add your baby’s name here). Bunny always ran away munching some more sweets, shouting “No noooo, I don’t want to brush my teeth”

Every day the same story repeated and bunny never brushed his teeth.

One night after eating carrots and chapatis, bunny went off to sleep, that night one bug who had heard from his friend about bunny eating yummy food and not brushing, slowly entered bunny’s mouth. He ate all the carrot and chapati that was stuck on bunny’s teeth. He had a feast that night, burping happily he went away.

The second night that bug came back with another bug friend. They both had a good time eating all the leftover cake and rice from bunny’s teeth. That night the bugs ate so much that they couldn’t move, so they decided to sleep in bunny’s mouth. Now they were loving it. They were getting good food to eat and nobody troubled them. Slowly, along with the food, they ate bunny’s teeth too and made a tiny home for themselves. They never went back. They ate, slept and did susu, potty on bunny’s teeth.

The white, healthy, shining teeth were now getting dirty and brown. Bunny also couldn’t eat the carrots, as bugs had eaten half of his teeth. It was then he went to his mumma, asking for a tooth brush. His mumma helped him shoo away all the bugs. Now bunny brushes his teeth right after he wakes up and before he goes off to sleep.

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