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8 points to consider while planning your first baby/toddler photoshoot

These are the times when memories may fade but pictures won’t, rather pictures help us reminisce those beautiful moments.

It is all perfect till the time we have our pre- wedding or maternity shoot, because all we need for these shoots is a good location, a good photographer and a few change of clothes.

The moment your little one enters the photo scene, dynamics change altogether.

Here I share with you 8 points that you should consider while planning your first baby/toddler photoshoot. Continue Reading




For a woman, her pregnancy is a time of joy and excitement. At the same time, it can also be a time of serious sleep disturbance due to the hormonal changes and due to the growing belly bump. Therefore, apart from being physically active and eating healthy diet, it is vital to have a good sleep during the pregnancy period.

As you have begun with your pregnancy, you should understand the importance of sleep during pregnancy.

Your healthcare provider might have advised you to take proper rest and sleep. The proper rest and sleep during your pregnancy helps you to avoid complications during pregnancy.

Therefore, in this blog, you will find the importance of sleep during pregnancy. Let us have a look.

  1. Maintains Blood Pressure


A proper sleep helps you to regulate and maintain the blood pressure of your body. As during the pregnancy, the blood pressure tends to fluctuate, therefore, in order to prevent any complication associated with the same can be controlled by taking proper rest and sleep.



  1. Comfortable atmosphere to your baby

If you are taking good rest and sleep during your pregnancy, you are not only helping your body to relax but also giving your baby to grow and develop in a comfortable environment. According to the studies, expectant mothers who are stressed during their pregnancy time, it has affected somehow to the development of the baby. Therefore, be relaxed and take proper 8 hours of sleep, so that you can help your baby grow comfortably.


  1. Control Fatigue

The importance of sleep during pregnancy can be understood with the fact that it helps to control fatigue and tiredness in the body of an expectant mother. As the body of a pregnant lady undergoes with the hormonal changes, this leads to the continuous feel of fatigue and tiredness.  Here, proper sleep and rest can be beneficial.


  1. Lowers the stress from your heart 

During pregnancy, it is obvious that you may feel stress sometimes. So, here if you take proper sleep and rest, stress can be relieved. Please remember, do not exert yourself and drink plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated and energetic.


We all understand that a healthy body gives birth to a healthy baby, hence it is very important to take a good sleep while taking proper care and cautions. Moreover, if you are planning how to get pregnant proper rest and sleep is important.


Take Care!

This is a guest post by Akansha Bansal.

Akansha lives with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and has an optimistic approach towards life. She is always eager to learn new things. She is the founder of a Parenting website called “Budding Star“.


Link of website: buddingstar you could also check: buddingstar  on Facebook, on  twitter and  Instagram



Tips for a perfect and smooth photoshoot with your newborn

Pictures have always played a very important role in my life, I have albums full of my boarding school and college hostel memories from the times much before the advent of DSLRs or mobile phone cameras, I am writing about newborn photography not because I had a perfect shoot with my new born; neither was it a disaster; I am writing this because I altogether missed doing a newborn shoot for my baby.Honestly, I was exhausted  and could not think of sparing 4-5 hours for a shoot; but now when I look back I only regret. As I write this I feel like having one more baby only so that I can do a newborn shoot for him/her, so strong is my regret!

Well they grow up too fast and camera is the only tool to have these growing up moments frozen in squares and rectangles!

Here I have some tips for helping you plan your newborn shoot the perfect way-

1. Choose the photographer wisely- New borns are tiny people susceptible to infections and illnesses; it is therefore important to choose a reliable photographer who would have sanitised all the props and equipments.

2. Decide what kind of photos you want- New born photography is categorised into candid lifestyle and Posed shoot. The posed shoots are mostly done within 14-16 days of birth, mainly because the baby sleeps majority of the times and is wary of things happening around. During these first 2 weeks of birth It is easier for the photographer to use props, swaddle and mold the baby.  The candid lifestyle type shoot can be done anytime within first 2 months of birth. The lifestyle newborn shoot captures the baby in variety of moods and also captures the bond in the family.

If you are confused, you could choose a combination of both.

3. The new born shoots may take 4-6 hours; babies don’t come with a manual, they may want to nurse or cry for a diaper change just when your photographer has set up everything for the shoot. Bottomline is ” stay calm” and do not fret over things taking long.

Try nursing just before the shoot is scheduled, keep yourself and the baby full.

4. If the shoot is happening at your home, make some room for equipments that photographer will bring along. Have the photographer visit your home a few days prior to the scheduled shoot.

Free the space of any clutter.

5. If the shoot is happening at a studio, ensure that it isn’t far off. Prepare your bag a day before and do not leave anything for the last moment.

Pictures are precious and so are the moments that create them, hope you have a memorable shoot.

Do let me know if I missed any points!


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Interesting Summer Break Activities For Kids

Our kids take us back to our own childhood. Summers are approaching and I can’t stop thinking about how as a child I would wait for the summer break and that long 2-3 days train journey to my native place, a tiny town in Uttarakhand, where relatives and cousins doted on us. We would gang up and go for short treks, put on fire in the woods and cook maggi, we climbed trees and made dishes and toys out of clay(mitti)

Times have changed and our kids probably won’t experience what we did, however our attempt should always be to engage them constructively and let them be close to nature.

If you have no extravagant plans for this summer holiday or you are unable to take your kids to their granparents home, here are a few things that you can surely do to add fun and value to their summer break.

1. Gardening-  A brand new toy may give instant joy but an activity such as gardening will have an everlasting impact on your child.
You do not necessarily need a huge garden space, a small balcony with few pots can do the works too.

Try taking your kids to the nursery and engage them while you buy stuff for preparing your garden. Talk to them about flowers, bees and butterflies and about seeds and vegetables. Buy seeds as well as a few plants. Try including season specific flowers,fruits/ vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes etc. and herbs like basil, mint, ajwain and curry leaves.

You could also consider trying the famous “touch-me-not plant” (mimosa pudica or chhui-mui). Then there are other plants like tulips and hibiscus that have flowers blooming during the day and closing during the nights. Including these in your plants will keep the interest and curiosity piqued.

You could buy seeds online from Amazon too, checkout the link here

A mini landscaped garden on a large tray or tub will not only make your kid ecstatic but will also accentuate your balcony or terrace.

Upcycling old dishes, wine bottles etc to keep plants is a good idea as well. Tyres and old shoes too can be used for plants. Succulents would look lovely planted in boots or in your worn out stilletoes.

Let your kid’s creativity take over, trust me you’ll be surprised with the ways they think and things they can create.
Get them into a ritual of watering and weeding the plants.
The sheer joy of seeing a flower bloom or a new fruit come to life is inexplicable, let them experience it.

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Why my Grandparents are a blessing to me and to others around?

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.

Rudolph Giuliani

I always felt a void when it came to grandparents as I could not spend any time with mine. They were gone long before i was born. I only remember my nanaji and the little time I spent with him, he was already too old and frail to entertain the ball of energy that I was, but i do remember the joy he had in his eyes looking at his grandchildren.

I didn’t want my child to miss what I couldn’t enjoy in life and I am glad that my son is getting to spend quality time with his grandparents. I only wish his grandma was alive to watch him grow.

If Avyukt could write about his grandparents, this is probably what it would be like –

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